New York Giants’ Playoff Chances After Week 16


We already know what the situation is in the NFC East in regards to the Giants and their playoff hopes but let’s took a look at the percentages over at NFL.-forecast to see what the official numbers state.

After their victorious Week 16 battle of New York, the Giants took back first place in the division and sport a 64.35 % chance of winning the division and making the playoffs over the Dallas Cowboys, who still have a 35.65 % probability of making a post-season appearance themselves by taking home the division crown with a win over the Giants on Sunday.

No matter how nice numbers are to look at and analyze the one thing we need to know is that whoever wins the Sunday night showdown between the Giants and the Cowboys will be making the playoffs while the other team spends another off-season hanging out on the couch early. Should make for one heck of a football game!