NFL Sunday Picks Week 17


We went 9-7 last week.  Not bad considering some of the injuries and match-ups.  Here we go with Week 17

NYJ at Miami: Jets must win against the ten that would love more than anything to send them home.  Jason Taylor’s final game. PICK: MIAMI

Baltimore at Cincinnati: Cincinnati must win. Baltimore will want to keep 2nd seed.  Good game. PICK: CINCINNATI

Tennessee at Houston: Strange one here. Houston with win could knock out Tennessee, but then would face Jets, if the Jets win.  If Houston loses, they face Tennessee the next week in the playoffs.  PICK: TENNESSEE

Washington at Philadelphia: Philly wants to finish strong. PICK PHILLY

Chicago at Minnesota: Completely meaningless. PICK MINNESOTA

Carolina at New Orleans: N.O. might want to win in case San Fran loses to St. Louis. PICK: CAROLINA

Kansas City at Denver: Tebow needs this to get Broncos to this promised land. PICK: DENVER

Seattle at Arizona: Seattle the better team, except on the road. PICK: SEATTLE

Buffalo at New England: New England likes to keep winning. PICK: NEW ENGLAND

Pittsburgh at Cleveland: No explanation for why Pittsburgh continues to play injured players, but they too want to win for seeding. PICK: PITTSBURGH

Indianapolis at Jacksonville: Indy has to want the first pick…NO? PICK: JACKSONVILLE

Detroit at Green Bay: Green Bay resting players. Detroit does’t want to face New Orleans. PICK: DETROIT

Tampa Bay at Atlanta: Tampa is just awful. PICK: ATLANTA

San Francisco at St. Louis: San Francisco wants to keep rolling. PICK: SAN FRANCISCO

San Diego at Oakland: Oakland has one last chance to win the title they should have locked up in November.  PICK: OAKLAND

Dallas at New York: Lack of running game for Dallas, pressure on Romo and his bruised hand might make him pull a few punches.  Giants too much.  PICK: GIANTS