Corey Webster limited, Prince to step in for Giants?


With the NFC Wildcard showdown between the Giants vs. Falcons prepared to kick-off in a little more then 48 hours, the Giants have to be a little worried about the status of their top cornerback, Corey Webster.

Webster was an addition to the practice report on Thursday in a limited fashion and if he is hampered on Sunday it could prove to be a huge blow to the Giants defensive corps.

Webster did not get a pro-bowl nod this year, but he has certainly put out a valiant effort to be considered a top cornerback in at least the NFC. He has done all the little things right, and the less you hear his name, the better.

Webster is scheduled to have the task of going up against Atlanta’s stud receiever Roddy White in what was sure to be a physical battle. If Webster is not up to the task then rookie cornerback Prince Amukamara will most likely take over the reigns leaving Aaron Ross to cover Julio Jones. Amukamara was originally slated to cover Harry Douglas, brother of Knicks point guard, Toney Douglas.

Amukamara was a highly touted college prospect who was once considered a top 10 pick in the NFL draft. He eventually fell to the Giants at 19th, but that was more along the lines of teams filling needs.

If Prince does indeed get the start, it will end up being the biggest game of his short career. Strong play by Prince could be the X-factor into leading the Giants to another Super Bowl run.

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