Gameday: Giants Edition


I awoke this morning at 5 A.M.  Some people will say that’s not that early…except it’s 2:00 A.M. Pacific time, which is what I usually live on.  It’s Giants Gameday!

Giants gameday has meant a lot to me all my life it seems.  It was understood that Sunday at one meant being in front of the television and watching our team.  From having to have my brother go to the attic and turn the antenna towards Connecticut to get the game, to having the ability to watch every game, the Giants have been what it is all about.

I have been going to games since 1985.  I have been to season openers, season enders, playoff games and championship games.  I have travelled from New England to Washington to Philly to Denver to Chicago to Texas and California.  Giants gameday means family, food, friends and our team.  Today is the first playoff game in the New Giants Stadium, and a chance to connect with old friends I have never met.  The Giants family makes us close.  The Giants family runs through our blood.

Last night on the plane as people heard I was attending the game, they lit up with memories of our team, our family.  They remember every good, bad, and sad moment.  I reminisced with total strangers that shared experiences of years gone by.  Everyone had a story of why they love the Giants.  Everyone finished their conversation with “enjoy the game”, or “have a good time”.  This defines the experience at a game for me.  They didn’t obsess about the opponent, on how great our team is, about how we are better than they are, it was about sharing time with family.

Yesterday when I got to the airport in San Diego  for the trip east I sent out a tweet that simply said “San Diego Airport…getting on a plane to cheer Big Blue”…I received back well wishes on my trip. “Have a safe flight”, “See you tomorrow” and from Vice President of Communications Pat Hanlon the succinct “Bring It!”.  Being a Giants fan is like going to visit the family.  I went shopping for some delicacies last night, packed the car, decided on what to wear, and made plans on where and when to meet.  It has been a part of my life for years, and I know it will continue forever.  We live with the good, the bad, the sad, and love our team throughout…We are family….Giants Family