Giants Key to Victory: PRESSURE


The Giants travel to Grren Bay this afternoon with one thing on their mind: PRESSURE.  Pressure on Offense, Pressure on Defense, and Pressure on Special Teams.

The Giants, much like the 49ers did yesterday, must apply pressure in all phases of the game to be successful today.  They  must pressure the wide-outs of the Packers, and make them fight to run their routes.  The must not allow them free releases to run timing patterns at will. The Giant defense must pressure the running backs.  They must make them decide who to block in pass protection, and allow them no room to run.  They must pressure the offensive line and Aaron Rodgers into mistakes, poor throws, and indecision.

On Offense the Giants need to apply pressure to the weak secondary of the Green Bay Packers.  Force them to make tackles on short and intermediate passes, and then take deep shots to apply pressure on the back end.  The must be aggressive when the situation dictates, and patient when it doesn’t.  They must run the ball with authority, applying pressure to linebackers and safeties to make tackles on two of the toughest running backs in the game.  Eli and Kevin Gilbride must pressure the Packers into coverage mistakes, and costly penalties.

The Special Teams for New York must continue to force the issue up front on punts and field goal attempts.  Forcing the issue by playing the likes of Chris Canty, JPP, Rocky Bernard, and Justin Tuck on punts.  Pressure the unit for the Packers to figure out blocking schemes and not allow them to relax at any moment.  Steve Weatherford must continue his great play of the past few weeks by pressuring the returners towards the sideline, by making them decide when a fair catch is necessary, and pinning the Packers deep in their zone whenever possible.

The Giants can win this game if they continually apply pressure in all phases of this contest and force the Packers to play perfect.  I think the Giants must steal two possessions from the Packers to be successful today.  Two possessions where they get a turnover, block a punt, block a FG, intercept Rodgers, or force a fumble.  Two possessions where they change the outcome from success to failure for the Packers, and then capitalize.  They will need to score in the red zone, and play a clean game.

So, when you are watching today…..look for the key to victory…..Pressure. Pressure in all phases, that leads to a two possession difference.