Giants Steal 3 Possessions…Win Big!


Earlier today we wrote a post about how the Giants needed to apply pressure on the Packers and steal 2 possessions to have a chance to win.  They actually stole four possessions, but Referee Bill Leavy gave two of them back to the Packers.  No matter, instead of getting credit for a 37-6 win, and keeping the high flying Packer offense out of the end zone, the Giants settle for a 37-20 win and a trip to San Francisco for their 5th NFC Championship game.  Tomorrow we will break it down play by play.

So, First the “experts” picked the Eagles to be the team of the year. Then it was the Jets and the Cowboys. Then the darlings of the media were the Packers and of course the “Great at Home” New Orleans Saints.  And yet the Tom Coughlin led New York Football Giants will try to make it to their 2nd Super Bowl in 5 years….Rex Ryan must be beside himself.