What Was Lawrence Taylor Thinking?


He wasn’t, according to Taylor’s wife, which is what he said when appearing on “Inside the NFL” on Showtime Wednesday night to discuss his 2010 arrest for sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute, who turned out to be underage.

Taylor still beats himself up about what happened and seems to be struggling with the aftermath that netted him a six-year probation sentence and also led to him being a registered sex offender. After the break are some telling quotes from Taylor for those of you who didn’t get a chance to see the program…

On what he was thinking:

"“According to my wife, I wasn’t thinking and she reminds me of that every day for the last year-and-a-half. We, as boys, think that we can do certain things and we’re still going to have that same life we did when we were younger.”"

On what he could have done:

"“This is an under-age girl, but all I could do is ask the question, ‘How old are you? That’s all I could do. That’s all I could do is ask the question. Now whether the girl was under-age, yes, okay, she turned out to be under-age… I didn’t realize how serious it was until we sat down for an interview.”"

On his responsibility:

"“I understand the process or the law… all I can do is just say, ‘Hey, you’ve got to learn from your experiences.”"

On his current struggles:

"“I just wish that I could have an easier road in life. Because as easy as football is to me… is as hard as life is to me. I’m just hopeful that life will come easier.”"

H/T to Ebenezer Samuel over at NYDailyNews.com for the original story.