Super Bowl 46: Who Will Be This Years David Tyree?


After all the film study, all the preparation, and all the planning, who will be the surprise player to step up and change this game?  Four years ago David Tyree had a total of 4 catches in 12 games played.  In Super Bowl 42, he had 3 catches, one for a touchdown, and one that will live forever as the greatest play in the history of Super Bowls.

Most superstars are neutralized to a degree when opposing coaches have two weeks to figure out how to game plan against their strengths.  The greatest of the greats still make things happen, while others shrink under the pressure.  Every now and then however there is a Jack Squirek , a Rod Martin, a Larry Brown, a David Tyree, or a Timmy Smith that completely changes the path of the game.

Who do you think will be that person this year?

1. Mario Manningham: With Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, and Mario Manningham all healthy, could Super Mario live up to his nick name?

2. Julian Edelman: Julian has been singled out all week as having the toughest assignment on the field, and having to play out of position.  Could Julian make a few plays that turn the tide?

3. Travis Beckum: Travis has struggled with his health and with the playbook.  Could this be the day we see the potential of the TE out of Wisconsin turn into the reality?

4. Stephen Ridley: Ridley is a young running back with the Patriots and I believe the running game of the Patriots is a key to their success in Sunday.  Could Stephen Ridley be that guy?

Who do you think will be this years David Tyree?