2012 NFL Free Agency Lists


Our good friends at ProFootballWeekly.com, well not actually our friends, but it’s nice to think that an amazing website like PFW would be friends with GMEN HQ, has been kind enough to provide us with a current list of NFL free agents.

If you want to see a list of free agents based by team then click here.

If you want to see a list of free agents that is done so based on position then click here.

Each list was provided to PFW by the NFLPA, so let us thank them as well, and pretend they’re our friends too.

The number after each player’s name in both lists represents the number of accrued years in the NFL and you should also remember that this is a list of players expected to hit free agency on March 14. Anything can happen between now and then so this list is subject to change.

Going over both lists will help you see who the Giants’ priorities are, something which has already been covered here on GMEN HQ, and also let you put your GM fantasy cap on. Where will Matt Flynn play? Would the Giants sign Steve Smith to replace  Mario Manningham, if he were to leave the Giants as a free agent? Who is the top free agent tight end available? Is it Jeremy Shockey or Jermichael Finley or John Carlson or Visanthe Shiancoe? Which players are likely to get franchised tagged?

Take a look at the above lists and tell us your thoughts in the comments section.