Randy Moss Un-Retires


Randy Moss, 35, formerly of the New England Patriots announced today he has un-retired.  Many have speculated a return to the New England Patriots, some have said he belongs with the Jets.  My feeling is he winds up standing next to Tiki Barber in the unemployment line.  All the speculation will keep the writers busy for a few weeks, but before free agency and before the draft, no one should take any of the talk seriously.  This is a move for a team that has the luxury to take a chance on a player like Moss, and would have no problem releasing him if it didn’t work out.  Much like Tiki, who stated that he “already knew where he was going” when he un-retired, I think Randy has mistaken people pleasantly saying “you look great” and “you could still play”  for them actually wanting him to play for their team.  Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) were once great talents in this league, all with a little bit more baggage than necessary.  Now the three of them should ride off into the reality show sunset, and leave football behind them.