“Super Mario” Set to Buc Giants…


The biggest story to come out of the weekend was about an interview Mario Manningham did with a local paper in Youngstown Ohio.  He stated that “Part of the reason he wants the ball more and he doubts that as a part of the New York Giants receiving corps, even with Eli Manning as the quarterback, that he can get the ball more.”  While Mario made other statements in this interview, this is the one that bothers me the most.

“Super Mario” has become a sudden star thanks to the gushing of Cris Collinsworth, Al Michaels, and the need for NBC to find a David Tyree moment in Super Bowl 46.  Mario did make a great catch…of a magnificent throw.  In the third quarter Collinsworth had thrown Mario under the bus for his poor route running, something he had studied throughout the season, and we know all too well in New York.  The fact that NBC had a graphic all set to show how poor Manningham’s routes are run, shows it is a consistent problem.  Mario is a nice receiver that serves a purpose in the Giants offense.  He is the speed merchant, he draws coverages deep to open up routes for the other guys underneath.  He is not, and should not be, the top “Numbers” guy on anyone’s team.  This obsession with wanting the ball more is mind- boggling.  Here is a guy that caught a TD pass against Atlanta to seal the first playoff win.  He then caught a TD pass against Green Bay to send them home.  Next up San Francisco, and a crucial TD catch to keep the Giants in the game, and then three catches on a Super Bowl Winning Drive.  Is that not enough?  You want to go catch 10 balls a game for 8 yards each from Josh Freeman and finish 8-8? Why? I though it was all about winning?  Just say you want and deserve more money, and see where the market takes you.  Don’t knock the team that gave you chance after chance to stay on the team, and the opportunity to win a Super Bowl, on the way out the door. Mario had 160 catches in 4 years, not exactly number one stats.  How that attitude makes you attractive to other teams is beyond me.  You think that shows your desire to compete? You think it shows you have confidence in your ability?  It shows me you are selfish, and will become another WR complaining that your QB doesn’t look for you enough.  Mario has made some great catches, and has dropped a few key balls also in his time with the Giants.  If he thinks the grass is greener…God Bless..Have fun…See you when we see you.  There is no reason to say anything about this organization on the way out of town.

The other point that needs to be made about the catch in 46 is that there were 5 guys on the field that day that could have made that catch.  Nicks, Cruz, Welker, Hernandez, and a healthy Gronkowski.  There are 5 maybe 6 QB’s that could have made the throw in the League.  “Super Mario” will win the Super Bowl Lottery this year.  It happens almost every year.  Gibril Wilson and Kavica Mitchell won it after Super Bowl 42…..Mario thinks it’s his turn, I wish him the best of luck.