NFL Changes Opening Day


The Commissioner of the NFL announced yesterday that Opening Day 2012 will be held WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, instead of the usual Thursday night affair.  The change comes due to a conflict with President Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.  This is just one more example of how Network television has taken over Sports in general.  They feel they have to show the speech, even though the ratings on National Conventions is abysmal, and it’s not exactly a cliff hanger as to who the nominee will be for the Democratic party.  So, instead of having a great night on Thursday celebrating the Super Bowl Champion Giants, and then having a three day weekend….Thursday becomes one of the most unproductive days in the history of the country, and no one will celebrate the fact that they get to stay up all night watching the convention the following day.  Thanks NBC!

I am sure our week two opponent will not be pleased with the extra days rest we get either!