New York Giants History Lesson


When I say history, I mean what people today consider history, like the last year or two!  I heard it three times in the past two days, once on a Nationally Broadcast Radio Show, and the other in columns I have read.  Luckily David Diehl was on the radio show to correct the host, but I feel the need to set the record straight.

After winning the Super Bowl in January of 2008, which doesn’t qualify as ancient history to me, the Giants didn’t disappear into oblivion.  They didn’t fade away.  In the season of 2008 they Won the NFC EAST, they Won 12 games, they were the #1 rushing team in football and were the #1 seed in the NFL Playoffs.  They accomplished this even after the distraction of the Plaxico Burress situation.

They then won 8 games in 2009 and 10 games in 2010, without making the playoffs.  The rebuilding of this team through draft picks and free agency has been impressive.  It is not easy to repeat as Champions, especially in the highly competitive NFC East, and it won’t be easy this year defending any of their titles.

So while the Giants didn’t make deep runs in the playoffs in subsequent years to the season of 2007, all those many years ago, they didn’t completely collapse or fade off into oblivion.