David Carr vs Tim Tebow: Dueling Press Conferences?


The Jets insist Tim Tebow is nothing more than a back-up QB who understand his role on the team as such, and yet they are planning a big press conference to announce his arrival.  The Giants signed their back-up QB, David Carr to a new contract at the end of the last week.  Should he have a big press conference to answer some questions?  Here’s the tale of the tape.

Carr: 92 NFL Games, a 60% completion percentage with 14,433 yards passing, 65 TD passes and 9 rushing TD’s. #1 Overall Pick

Tebow: 23 NFL games, a 47% completion percentage with 2,383 yards passing, 17 TD’s and 12 rushing TD’s.

Carr was also a number one overall pick in the NFL Draft, who now clearly understands the role of a back-up QB.  He is there and ready to go at a moments notice, IF anything happens to the starter.  He understands and can execute the entire offense with the same skill set as the starter.

Tebow says he is here to become a better QB, to compete at the highest level, to push the starter.  He possesses an entirely different skill set than the starter, and has been guaranteed a package of plays just for him.  Doesn’t sound like a back-up to me.  I do have one question for JET fans: In this new era of football there is limited practice time every week.  There is no longer any practice on Tuesdays for instance, Mondays are for treatment, and pads can only be worn for some specified amount of time a week.  The Jets have a starting QB that the GM, Owner, and Coach all agreed took a step back last season and needs to pick it up.  So, during the week of practice there will be times when the coaches say “Hey, Mark…in this set of plays you are a wide receiver, so go stand out there and pretend to go out for a pass.”  or “Hey Mark..We’re going to practice goal line, and short yardage for the next set of plays, so go sit over there and watch”.  Not sure that is going to make him more accurate, as you limit the time he works with his teammates….just saying.