Giants NFL 2012 Draft: Q&A with NFLMOCKS.COM


We here at Fansdied are luck enough to have a relationship with NFLMOCKS.COM.  Jesse Bartolis actually started as a contributor to GMENHQ, and now runs one of the most successful sites on the Fansided network.  Here are 10 questions he had about the Giants and the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft.

1). After free agency what are the Giants biggest needs?

The Giants will need to bolster their offensive line, and find some depth at running back.  With the loss of Jacobs and the suspension of Andre Brown, they only have three healthy RB’s on the roster.

2). Is there a better General manager out there than Jerry Reese?

I’m not sure Packer fans would agree with your assessment, but for Giant fans we love Jerry Reese and believe him to be one of the best young GM’s in the NFL.  He has whiffed on a few picks, but in general he understands value and that is the most important factor in being a successful GM. Finding Ahmad Bradshaw in round 7 may have been his single most impressive accomplishment.

3. They say the third year is the breakout year for players any players you could see breaking out from the 2010 draft class?

The 2010 Draft Class was a very interesting one for the Giants.  First they drafted Jason Pierre-Paul, a player with little experience at a position they were thought to be over loaded.  This one worked out just fine. Mitch Petrus is a young offensive lineman that will have a chance for a starting position this spring.  He has played in games and has showed some promise. Linval Joseph was a starter last year and should continue to grow in the middle of the defensive line.  Adrian Tracy might be the one player that can step up and take the place of Dave Tollefson in the defensive line rotation if Dave indeed leaves.  Matt Dodge and Phillip Dillard are already off the team, and Safety Chad Jones is still recovering from a car accident suffered shortly after the draft.

4). is there any player you could see the Giants trading up for?

No…there is no immediate need that MUST be filled like a franchise QB.  Giants traded up for Eli and Joe Jureviscious in the first round…one worked, one did not.  Not going to happen this year.

5). Would you say the Giants have a core organizational draft philosophy?

This is an easy one.  Best Available Athlete, no matter the position.  Every now and then the Giants fans question this philosophy, until they see a J.P.P. that is a direct result of this philosophy.  Lawrence Taylor was also a result of this plan, but he was a #2 pick overall, so different circumstances.  Guys like Carl Banks, drafted when the Giants had the best LB corps in the league, Rodney Hampton while Joe Morris and Otis Anderson were healthy, and others have proven over time that this philosophy works.

6). Any news regarding Marvin Austin?

Marvin is healthy and ready to go, the only real worry is that he hasn’t played any competitive football in two years.  The Giants look at this two ways, first it’s like getting an extra first rounder this year, but how long will it take him to get into game form and perform to his highest level is the question.

7). Is this Another year  where the Giants could end up drafting a DE in the first round?

It’s possible.  That is the beauty of the Best Available Athlete philosophy.  It drives the Mock Drafters crazy!  We as Giants fans laugh when the “experts” speak of needs at Tight End and Linebacker….It’s not a factor, they study and rank every player available and see who is there when they are on the clock.  It is a tedious and grueling task, but it’s proven to be effective and win Championships.

8). Is there a fans player seem to want the most at 32?

Every fan I have spoken to wants either a Tight End, a Linebacker, or an Offensive Tackle.  Coby Fleener, TE out of Stanford has been mentioned most often, but not sure you can take a tight end at #32.  It might just be far enough down to make it a good value, but it all depends on who falls to them in this spot.  It really all depends on what happens in front of them on draft day.

9). Is there a player the Giants seem to have taken a liking too?

If they have, you would never know about it.  We aren’t the Jets, we make the picks and then discuss them, not the other way around.

10). Anything else to add?  

This draft is interesting because there really is a lot of depth on this team.  They have guys that need to show they can play, and without mini-camps and a full training camp last year, some guys were a little slowed in their development.  The good news is you got Prince Amukamara, Mark Herzlich, Spencer Paysinger, Jacquian Williams some valuable playing time and playoff experience at a very young age, and now you get time to teach them through a full off season program.