J.T.’s Take on Osi


Why do I feel like I write this post every year? Because I guess I do!

Osi was asked by some reporters yesterday about such nonsensical issues as “Are you going to come to the voluntary workouts Monday?” “Are you happy with your situation and still no contract extension?” “Do you expect to be a Giant?”

Osi, of course, gave the same old answers to the same old questions.  First of all, I will be surprised if many or any  veterans show up at a voluntary workout, that even in Coach Coughlin’s world is voluntary. If he did show, that would have been the shock!

Asking Osi contract questions is the biggest waste of space possible.  I understand it’s the off-season and filling a column, or conducting an interview is not easy on a daily basis.  But the deal is very simple.  Osi is under contract, he has one year left on that contract.  He can ask to be traded, again, but that probably won’t happen.  He can play like a monster and get a big deal from a different team next season.  Or he can sit out, which is the worst option for him since the new CBA signed last year allows for mega fines for players not showing up for camp.

Osi is also the victim of fans and sportswriters using terminology that has been outdated in the NFL.  Asking Osi if he wants to “Start” is a question from the 80’s.  Every player today is a situational player, especially on defense.  Does him not playing on first and ten against a run first team really hurt his feelings that much?  Wouldn’t he rather be put in a position to use his strengths and excel?  That’s what coaches do, they use their personnel in their strongest position and create positive match-ups.  Starting is for conversations of the past, be a pass rusher, get strip sacks, be dominant at what you do best!

Osi loves this team, this coach, and also loves the fact that he has won 2 Super Bowl Rings.  He will either decide to stay and sign an extension, for a big bonus, or play like a beast and win the lottery in another city.  Either way the Giants have gotten Osi’s best, and he will always be a Giant, even if he finishes his career in a another uniform.  We all want to see our heroes stay forever, but either way Osi has given us some great moments.