Fast and Furious…..


According to numerous reports former Giants RB Brandon Jacobs was part of a high speed caravan that made its way down the Garden State Parkway with the escort of two New Jersey State Troopers. The agent for Brandon Jacobs confirmed that Brandon was in Atlantic City the weekend in question, but did not confirm if Brandon was a passenger in any of the cars that were part of the caravan.

"Former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was involved in a high-speed caravan down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City that one witness dubbed “Death Race 2012,” according a report.Read more:"

Well what can we say about Brandon? Every time you think he has matured and has reached his developmental curve through adolescence he goes and does something stupid.  I loved Jacobs as much as any Giants fan, however, I’m done with his immature and adolescent ways. I hope he enjoys his time with the 49ers. I do not think he will be racing his way through the hills of the city by the bay. 

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