GMenHQ Exclusive: From First Round Pick to Second Year Champ, My Chat with JPP

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The NFL draft is always an exciting time for the fans, players, and coaches.  In the days leading up to this year’s draft, Super Bowl champion Jason Pierre-Paul made his way around New York City, appearing on news broadcasts, television shows, and for various public relations events.  I caught up with him at the Axe pre-draft event on Wednesday, April 25 at Spin NYC, where he and Kate Upton went head-to-head in competitions testing their athletic prowess, balancing abilities, and even their drawing skills.

 Cat: I see you’ve been busy these last couple of days – I even saw you on the morning news earlier today. You must be exhausted!

 JPP: Definitely, but I think I’ve been doing a great job

 Cat:  It’s an honor to be interviewing you, I’m a Giants fan and obviously have become a huge fan of yours over the last couple of years.

JPP: That’s what’s up.

Cat: So here we are on the eve of the draft, could you tell our readers a little about your draft day experience?

JPP: Let me take you back. First of all, I didn’t know where I was going. It didn’t really matter if it was the first round or second round, either way I would’ve been the player I am today. The Giants picked me at the 15th pick and they made a great pick, and I am happy to be here today. Honestly, draft day is crazy, but I wasn’t nervous at all.

 Cat: Well, you knew you were getting drafted early didn’t you?

JPP: Nah I didn’t. I didn’t know if I was going first round or second round. I didn’t really care—like I said I still would’ve been the player I am today. Once they put me out there I was going to do what I had to do.

Cat: How has New York been to you so far?

 JPP: It’s been great. New York is a crazy place to stay, a lot of people walking around, I love it. I like the fans too, they’re crazy. I’ll tell you one thing though, once you do something wrong they will let you know, they will boo you. Otherwise the fans are great here you’ve got to love them.

 Cat: I was actually at the parade this year. How was that experience for you?

JPP: That was a hell of a parade. I thought it was never going to end. It was a long parade I actually jumped down and went into the stands. It was fun, I hope we have one this year.

Cat: How does it feel to have contributed so much, not only to the Giants but to the NFL, this early in your career? You made the Pro Bowl, you have a Super Bowl ring, what’s next for JPP?

JPP: What’s next for me? Keep hitting it. I want to get better and better—if you think I was good this year than wait until next year. I want to see more 90 jerseys in the stands – you know how that goes, you don’t want to buy a jersey until you see what that player can do.

Cat: Has there been a player that has been like a mentor to you?

 JPP: I’d say all the guys have been mentors to me, I’m not even going to lie.  Especially in the D-line room, we know we’re the heart of the defense so we talk a lot. So, one mentor, no, we all talk a lot and we help out each other and go out and play hard every week.

Cat: Given the rumors flying, do you think by this time next week Osi will still be a Giant?