Junior Seau, Could Tradegedy Have Been Averted?


Tom McHale,Terry Long, Andre Waters, Ray Easterling, Dave Duerson and now Junior Seau. We all love the big hits on ESPN. Hear the crack of helmets. See the violent bone jarring hits every Sunday. But lets all ask this, what if that was your child or loved one out there. Would we still love those hits? Especially as we find out more and more on chronic head injuries. Medical science has shown a link between TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury) CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) and suicide. And this last incidence of Seau committing suicide just gives more credibility to that. The question is could this Tradegedy has been averted? Could the players association and the NFL do more for these players who have had multiple concussions and head injuries? With 100’s of former NFL players and their families filing lawsuits of negligence against the NFL for failure to do more about these head injuries, when will enough be enough. How many of those players will committ suicide. When will their former employee step up and get them help? When will the league do more to seriously address this topic? Are the helmets players wear truly the safety design possible? Or are they still using the hard plastic shell design to enhance the sounds of collisions? Who is going to protect these players from themselves? How many more players have to committ suicide before the league will actually do something? These questions are just questions to us. But for the modern day gladiators that entertain us every Sunday from Sept to Jan. They are an inevitability. RIP Junior.