The “ELIte” Have New Company in 2012


As the season draws closer and the experts begin to prognosticate, the talk of the elite QB’s is always a hot topic. This year, unlike last year, there will be a new member in that class. We may have known this as Giant fans, but even some of us had to be convinced. Well, no more. We all know exactly where our field general sits this year.  Now the rest of the NFL needs to stop underrating Eli and give him the respect he has earned. I believe Eric Allen(but I could be wrong on that) didn’t even rank him top 15 last year. Come on man!

With two Superbowl titles on his resume, finishing with almost 5000 yards passing last year, and for most of the season pretty much carrying the GMen on his back he deserves to be top 10 at the very least. And with the other Manning’s career possibly over you can argue for Eli to be top 5. I will concede Rodgers, Brady and Brees as 1,2,3. But after that, you need to put Eli. He may be the toughest QB in the league too. His aw schucks demeanor that everyone pointed out early is now one of his best qualities. He is unflappable. He proved that in the NFC championship game against the 49er’s. You cannot rattle him or get in his head. The media does not bother him, and the boo’s never bothered him. If you want to point out his interceptions, you can. But than I don’t think you know a lot about the game for this reason. The Giants allow their receivers to run routs depending on coverage. There isn’t always an out rout. The receiver chooses if he is going to break his rout in or out depending on the coverage and position of the DB. So with young receivers, they may not have always been on the same page with Eli or making the proper read. Btw. The Saints also have their receivers do the same thing. And Brees usually has high int totals too. Lets give Eli the credit he deserves and put him in the proper place in the QB rankings this year, Cause as we all heard Deon Sanders preach last year…..”I believe in Eli” and I personally always have.