The New York Giants: A Good Bet This Year?


According to, the sportsbook at Cantor Gaming has set the betting lines for weeks 1-16 for all NFL match-ups. Yes, Already! Week 17 is not set because no one knows what will be up for grabs at that point of the season. The Giants are favored or pick ’em in every home game except when facing the Packers in week 12 (Giants +3), and no more than a 4 point underdog on the road (Philly -4) in week 4. Assuming the home team usually starts out as a three point favorite, this is a pretty good indication that the Giants should have some success this year.  Of course, this is before any OTA’s, Mini Camps, Training Camp, Holdouts , and Injured Reserve assignments.

Which games would you bet on?

Here are the individual lines:

Giants -3 vs Cowboys

Giants -9 vs Tampa

Giants Pick ’em vs Carolina  (Three days rest on the road)

Giants +4 vs. Philly

Giants -9.5 vs Cleveland

Giants +3 vs San Francisco

Giants -7 vs. Washington

Giants +2.5 vs Cowboys

Giants -3 vs Pittsburgh

Giants pick ’em vs Cincy

Giants +3 vs Packers

Giants -2.5 vs Washington

Giants -2.5 vs. New Orleans

Giants +1.5 vs. Atlanta

Giants +3.5 vs Baltimore