This Week In Mock Drafts


My favourite mock drafts to cover at GMEN HQ for ‘This Week In Mock Drafts’ are always the ones that start off their mock drafts talking about how silly or ridiculous mocking the NFL Draft is. And that goes double for those mock drafts that have already been released on the Internet talking about a draft that doesn’t take place until 2013.

Ah, yes, the good old 2013 NFL mock drafts have been circulating the internet pretty much since the last pick in the 2012 NFL Draft was announced and they’re going to keep on coming out right up until draft night for the 2013 NFL Draft.

As long as that keeps happening I’ll still have material for this column and today is no different, as we have Peter Schrager of chiming in with his first mock draft of the season. This isn’t the first time Schrager has been featured in the pages of GMEN HQ and if you were to go back into the archives of our site you’d find a TWIMD written all the way back in June of last year where we covered Schrager’s first mock draft for the 2012 NFL Draft.

Back then Schrager had the Giants slated to pick 19th overall where they would miss the playoffs completely and he mocked Boise State OT Nate Potter to the GMEN. Fast forward to the year 2012 and the Giants didn’t pick in the #19 spot (actual pick was 32nd overall) or miss the playoffs (they won the Super Bowl!!!) and Nate Potter didn’t go to the Giants (he was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals); nor did Potter get picked in the first round (he went in the 7th round, pick #221). Add that all up and you have the NFL equivalent of a three and out, punt on 4th down, only to have it returned by the opposing team to the house for a touchdown.

So, let’s see what Schrager has cooking for the Giants and his 2012 NFL mock draft from May 1st, 2012 where he states early on that:

"“Yes, I know. Constructing a 2013 Mock Draft in April of 2012 is beyond absurd. It’s ridiculous. Hell, it’s borderline pathetic.But as football fans and true NFL diehards, we are all very sick, sick people. Let’s be sick together.”"

Onto the madness then… Just like Potter, an offensive tackle, being taken by the Giants last year in his first mock draft for the 2012 NFL Draft, Schrager once again goes down that well and selects an offensive tackle for the Giants in the 2013 NFL Draft. Except this year he has the Giants selecting an OT at 29 overall instead of 19 overall. In his write up for the Giants selection in his 2013 mock draft Schrager says the Giants will win the NFC East, take out the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs but don’t repeat as Super Bowl Champs, as he has the Packers taking home the Lombardi Trophy. We’ll see how that prediction goes once next season is played out but let’s get back to the mock.

With the 29th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft Schrager has OT Seantrel Henderson from Miami going to the Giants. Henderson comes in at 6’8, weighing 345 pounds and he used to be a #1 high school football recruit who was also the first offensive lineman ever to win the USA Today High School Offensive Player of the Year award. Henderson’s name was in the news a while back and not for a good reason either, as he was suspended for the Hurricanes’ opening weekend spring practice back in March for violating team rules.

Henderson’s Hurricane career hasn’t gotten off to the greatest of starts either. His freshman season was okay and saw him start nine games, then his sophomore season took a dip due to a season opener suspension and three games were missed later on because of back surgery in the offseason. Even with those negatives on his resume for the 2011 NCAA Football season Henderson did manage to play in eight games, starting two of them, and allowed zero sacks while only registering one penalty against. Not bad stats for an O-Line and something Henderson can build on that could see him garner daft attention if he decides to leave school early.

Right now, Henderson doesn’t seem like a bad pick by Schrager for the Giants, as their O-Line could use the help, but again, it’s May of 2012 and we still have a whole season of college football to be played where Henderson could play poorly, get suspended for a good chunk of the season, suffer a brutal injury, or not even declare for the draft in 2013.

What say you GMEN HQ readers? Is Henderson a player that intrigues you? Would you like to see him on the Giants’ roster at some point? Do you think he’ll have a good college football season this year? Let us know in the comments section.