Coughlin Deserves This

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My first glimmer of hope that the Giants may be returning to dominance was Week 9 in New England. That was the week the Giants looked like a team that could beat anybody in the league on any given week. Three weeks later, we played New Orleans. Time for Coughlin to go. Let’s just fire him and move on.

We all know how the season ended. It was as magical a playoff run as we enjoyed four years earlier. Since 2007 and 2011 so closely mirrored each other, I’m hoping 2012 is a repeat of 2008 minus the gunshot wound. It’s my opinion the Giants would’ve repeated as champs if Plaxico had been smarter.

I’m not ready to declare the Giants back to back champs yet, but I fully expect the Giants to compete for the #1 seed in the NFC. When they underperform during stretches in the season…and they will…I will not call for Coughlin’s head.

Tom Coughlin deserves to coach the New York Giants as long as Tom Coughlin wants to. ESPN recently reported that Coughlin would like to coach until he’s 70. He’s 65 right now. I won’t be surprised if the Giants offer him a five-year contract with a nice pay raise. He’s earned it. I also won’t be surprised when he wins another title and establishes himself as arguably the greatest coach in New York Giants history.

Oh, yeah. He has my respect. He’s earned that as well.