Coughlin on Burress…Just Say NO


Tom Coughlin, 2 time Super Bowl winning coach of the New York Football Giants, was asked perhaps the most ridiculous questio of his coaching life yesterday, and didn’t hesitate to give the answer.

We all know that Hakeem Nicks injured his foot last week and had surgery.  The WORST case scenario is for Hakeem to return two weeks before opening night. SO, of course, the media is asking how this will effect the Giants passing game.  Who will step up to take his place.  What will the Giants do?  Why do they have to do anything?  He is coming back, in plenty of time, and as we chronicled last week here at GMENHQ there are plenty of players in camp to play the wide receiver position.

But, someone had to ruin the coaches day by asking the most ridiculous question ever uttered.  Would the Giants call Plaxico Burress?  Plaxico who let the team down in 2008. Plaxico who “said” he turned down a Giants offer last year.  Plaxico who then ripped the organization he “didn’t want to play for” for not offering him a bigger deal.  Plaxico who stole some Jet money last year only to show how lazy he still is.  He never caught more than 5 balls in a game while catching 45 all year for 600 yards, with just 22 coming in the second half of the season. In 4 games Plax caught one or fewer balls. Plaxico who has turned into the Dwight Howard of the NFL telling everyone every week what team he would like to play for, and thankfully the Giants are off that list.

I realize it’s tough to write stories on a daily basis……..but to ask this question just shows no imagination