Pro Bowl to Stay in Hawaii


For at least one more year the Pro Bowl will remain in Hawaii.  There have been many discussions as to where, when, and if to hold the annual NFL All-Star game.  The NFL seems intent on making it a “Real” football game with defenses playing full out, and offenses not just throwing it all over the field.  All Star games are rarely like “Real” games.  The NHL’s game usually winds up with a score of 15-14, the NBA has one that ends 150-145, and MLB has made theirs count for something, but it is usually missing the best pitchers in the game due to rules that doesn’t allow them to pitch if they appeared in a game on the Sunday before.

The game was fun this year, with break out performances by some wide-outs and some spectacular scoring plays.  I don’t think the NFL can make the game competitive without risking serious injury to it’s stars, and with the two Super Bowl teams not sending players, it’s missing some of the greats of the game anyway.

Keep it in Hawaii…..Reward the players……forget about ratings for one day of the year, and stop trying to make it something it isn’t.