Super Bowl Champs Approach Season Like Giants


In this day and age of athletes and coaches telling the world how great they are, and how they are the best in the business, even when they haven’t won anything, it is certainly refreshing to hear Eli and Tom Coughlin speak on the subject of the upcoming season.

Eli stated last week when asked how he was preparing?  “We were 9-7, and that isn’t good enough.”  How nice is that?  Two Super Bowl victories, Two Super Bowl MVP’s, and this guy wants to work harder to improve their regular season record and make the playoffs in better fashion.

The Giants don’t have short memories.  The Giants aren’t delusional.  The Giants know full well they put themselves in a tough spot last year needing to win two divisional games in prime time to simply make the playoffs.  With the schedule they have this year, they need to be better.  I don’t just mean the teams on the schedule either, but the craziness of playing a Wednesday, Sunday, Thursday to start the season.  Tom Coughlin, who might be the most organized man in the world, will need to figure a way to practice and teach his team in the first month of the season while not violating any of the new CBA rules.  This in itself will be a challenge.

But, when you have a leader like Eli, who will make sure everyone knows last year is over, and they weren’t all that good last year, it will make it easier to get the team focused on the task at hand.