An Elite QB? The Heat Shifts to Tony Romo


Last year we all know that Eli Manning was asked a ridiculous question by a quasi journalist: And it turned into the story of the year.  Was Eli Manning an Elite Quarterback in the class of Brady and Brees?  Well Eli answered truthfully, and of course the debate raged for most of the season.  As we also know at the end of the season ALL questions had been answered about Eli and the Giants as they stood at the top of the mountain known as the NFL.

This season it seems the Cowboys will put their QB under the microscope for all to analyze, pick at, prod, and poke.  Is Tony Romo a winner? Is he an ELIte QB?  Some of his stats seem to indicate that he is.  Some of his actions seem to show otherwise.  According to  teammate Jason Witten he is one of the best there is.

"“There’s been some great quarterbacks who have come through that organization. You look at Roger Staubach and Troy [Aikman], and the expectations are Super Bowls. He’s a phenomenal, cool quarterback. He’s an elite quarterback. But until we win the big game, the criticism is going to come. We understand that, and we have high expectations. Tony is a phenomenal player and a phenomenal player for our football team.”"

The emphasis on quarterback play in the NFL is at it’s highest point ever.  Almost no one speaks of team chemistry, or the ability to exploit their opponents weaknesses.  In this world of fantasy football, all that is mentioned each week is the amount of yards gained by the QB, and the number of TD’s he throws.  Forget defense, forget the running game, forget the key play executed or not executed in a game….it’s all about total stats.  Cowboy fans may want to point out TD’s vs interceptions, or total yards, but it’s the timing of those interceptions, and the meaning of the TD’s scored that really counts.

I wish Tony and the Cowboys well…..the debate will rage all year, and if they fall short of the playoffs, or the division crown, or a playoff win… will continue on into the future.