New York Giants Quarterbacks:


Last year, around week 10, there was an article on NFL.COM written on a slow news day, that stated the Giants were among the bottom 5 teams in the league and that they would need to “Finally Address” their need for a starting QB.  Obviously someone writing anything to create a buzz, a buzz about what a moron he is and had no energy or desire to do any real journalistic work. Eli also was named the 31st best player in the league, obviously a drastic under valuing of his talents.

Eli Manning has now won Two Super Bowl Trophies for The New York Giants. Eli Manning has now won Two Super Bowl MVP’s.  Eli Manning has now engineered Two Winning Super Bowl drives in the final 3 minutes.  Eli Manning is elite. Eli is durable.  Eli is a leader.  When your own team gives you a standing ovation, you are The Man. Eli will be here for the remainder of his career.

David Carr is entering his 11th season in the NFL out of Fresno State and is probably still looking for that right spot to be a starter.  The Giants will always give him the opportunity to explore his options, in exchange for the great work he has done running the scout team in practice, and contributing to Eli’s development in the meeting room and on the sideline.  In March David Carr signed on for another year with the Giants and will be Eli’s main back-up this season

Ryan Perrilloux from Jacksonville State is also on the Giants roster as a QB.  Ryan was cut and re-signed approximately 8 times this year, showing that the Giants do like him on the squad.  He brings a different element than Carr and is certainly a work in progress as a back up.  Again the Giants will allow Ryan to explore what’s best for him, but would like to have him back on the practice squad.

This position is the most solid and stable on the team, and despite some needless drivel and ridiculous speculation, Eli is the Man, and will finish his career in New York as perhaps the most successful NFL player the city has ever seen.