Giants and Jets Unite


Who says the New York Giants and New York Jets do not see eye-to-eye on topics? There is at least one topic that the Giants and the Jets do agree on: No mega mall in the Meadowlands (unless they make money from it). The company which has bought the vacant Xanadu site, Triple Five, project wants to build a mall of epic proportions

"…owns the Mall of America near Minneapolis and the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, want to transform the Meadowlands site into a 3 million square foot megamall filled with shops, restaurants, nightclubs, a 26-screen movie theater and 3,000-seat performing arts theater, indoor glass-domed amusement and water parks, a skating rink and a ski slope with real snow"

The Giants and Jets claim in their lawsuit that this new project does not conform to the guidelines they established when the former Xanadu site was built and that the estimated 55 million people the mall would draw a year would cause “epic” traffic problems. The Giants and Jets filed the injunction in the Superior Court located in Bergen County, New Jersey.

However, not many people appear to be feel sorry or even agree with the Giants and Jets. New Site developer, Triple Five released a statement saying:

"“In suing the State of New Jersey and our company, the teams have revealed they want to exert monopolistic control over the entire complex,” a company statement said. “They want to tell us when and how we can operate our business. I am sure they would not want us to tell them when they can play their football games.”"

The Mayor of New Jersey went on to say

"“It’s a telling sign that these two New York-based teams are throwing up legal roadblocks to an economic enterprise that will benefit thousands of people in the region,” said East Rutherford Mayor James Cassella. “They don’t want to be good neighbors. They just want to exploit New Jersey.”"

You can read the full article here.

This is dicey situation for both the New York Football Giants Organization the New York Jets. However, one thing I do know is that the

Mayor of New Jersey just needs to shut -up. To say these two clubs just want to “exploit New Jersey” is a load of hogwash. Let’s be honest here; If it was not for the Mara Family and the Giants organization the Jets would be playing football in the West Side and the Giants would be playing who knows where. Simply put: No body knows where East Rutherford, New Jersey is without the Giants.