Ten Giants Out Tonight vs Jets, and Tim Tebow


Due to injuries and CBA rules stemming from those injuries, Ten Giants will miss tonights game at MetLife Stadium versus the Jets, and Tim Tebow.  The Jets, and Tim Tebow, I’m sure will also be missing some guys due to injury, but Tim Tebow will be dressed in a Jet uniform, on the field with the Jets, and is expected to play for the New York Jets in the stadium they will call home this season.  Tim Tebow has tweeted out his prayer for the day, and it is almost certain he will play tonight for the Jets. (Did I say that already?)

The “Battle for New York”, as the NFL Network is touting it, or the quest for bragging rights as the announcer says in the voice over.  Wow, could you imagine the amount of bragging that could happen this week if the Jets, and Tim Tebow, actually beat the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants in a pre-season game where the starters will only play about 25 plays?  They will own New York, this magical team that manages to win this test of wills, this statement game so early in the pre-season.  I’m sure the Giants view it a little differently.

The Giants who will be out tonight are: WR Hakeem Nicks, CB Terrell Thomas, CB Brandon Bing,CB Michael Coe, LB Jacquain Williams, LB Michael Boley, LT Will Beatty, DT Shaun Rogers, DT Marcus Thomas and DT Marvin Austin.  Once again there are no surprises found on this list, but there is some disappointment in not having the ability to see Marvin Austin and Will Beatty participate in a game.  It is getting dangerously close to the opener and these players need to show they will be ready to go. Nicks and Thomas are forbidden to participate due to new rules found in the CBA, since they haven’t been ruled active for at least three days.

But, fear not The Jets, and Tm Tebow, vow to show up and play like Wildcats!