Giants’ Coughlin Upset About Internet Video


Coach Coughlin is miffed about a video that shows Giants’ defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul carrying cornerback Prince Amukamara over his back and throwing him into a tub of water. Today, Coughlin gave the following quote regarding the video being posted online:

"I’m going to talk to the parties involved. As I understand it, there were some parts that were inappropriate, and anything that occurs within this family or within our group should not be a part of any social media aspect. I’m going to address that strongly, and I’ve spent a little time on that this preseason, but I’ll look into it further."

The video was originally posted by punter Steve Weatherford, who has since issued an apology via twitter. As for the video itself, it’s hard to tell whether the two players had an actual issue with one another, or whether it was just an innocent example of a couple young players horsing around. Pierre-Paul seems pretty pleased with himself at the end, smiling and high-fiving teammates while Amukamara appears much less enthused.

Overall, this seems to be a lot of smoke without much fire. Even if JPP and Prince do have a problem, nobody ever said that everyone on the team has to like one another for them to be successful. The most significant thing about the video is that it’s pretty funny, so I encourage you to take a look (warning: graphic language).