GMEN HQ – Rankings Review (Week 3)


When the New York Giants took the field last Thursday night, no one knew what to expect. They had a running back in Andre Brown, who had been cut by ¼ of the NFL teams, a wide receiver in Ramses Barden, who hasn’t accrued more than 13 catches since entering in the NFL, years ago and who knows playing at corner back. On top of that they were going up against one of the more dynamic QB’s in the league, Cam Newton, combined with the game being on the road during a short week.

How did they respond?

They destroyed the Carolina Panthers. Newtown was invisible throwing three INT’s and the vaunted Giants defensive line was unstoppable. As for Brown? He had 113 yards and 2TD’s. Barden? 9 catches for 138 yds.

What a difference a three days makes. This is the Giants we expect to see. If they continue to play like this, I don’t think anyone would have a problem declaring them the best team in the NFL. Let’s see where they rank among the “experts”.

ESPN 6(8)

"The champs clicked on all cylinders in Carolina. Can they do same this week in Philly?"

The surely did, they looked unbeatable on Thursday night. The level Eli Manning is on right now leaves he and Matt Ryan looking down on the rest of the QB’s in the NFL. To take unproven Andre Brown, Ramses Barden, Martellus Bennett and put together that offensive performance is why he is a 2-time Super Bowl MVP. Combine that with the defensive performance the Giants turned in and the they look to have a real chance of repeating. At this point it’s a matter of staying healthy (or getting healthy). Sunday night is a bigger game than normal for week 4, as they already are down 0-1 in the NFC East.

Yahoo! Sports 4

"That was a pretty thorough stomping that the Giants put on Carolina Thursday night. They were injured and on the road in a short week, and still, their domination was total. They usually wait until about Week 16 to look that good."

If you remember the Giants following their Super Bowl season of ’07 they were hands down the best team in the NFL, until Plaxico Burress shot himself. Now granted they lost to Dallas week 1 and had a tough time with Tampa Bay in week 2, but I would look for the Giants to continue this type of play. I hear everyone say “they play better when they’re the underdog” and maybe they do, but the truth is that they seem to play pretty well defending their title too. Giants fans need to hope Hakeem Nicks or Victor Cruz to fire a round into their leg.

Fox 5(7)

"The Giants have 1,021 yards of total offense over their last two games. 417 of those yards came this past week against Carolina in which they were missing their starting running back and top receiver. Eli is playing the position better than anyone else right now."

The fact that the Giants have racked up 1,021 yards in the last two games is pretty remarkable but what’s more impressive is that they’re fourth in the league in points allowed. Its clear the Giants have turned the page on being a defensive-only team since the emergence of ELI & Co. especially with the way the league is now, so when you see that stat it certainly jumps off the page. The defense needs to continue to put the stronghold on opposing offenses and keep them out of the end zone.

The Giants, for the last six quarters of football, have looked unbeatable, but unless they can win their division it could be very difficult to earn a playoff spot. Once they get in the playoffs, we’ve all seen how the can end. The Giants face a tough team in Philadelphia this Sunday Night, and they need to come out and punch their rivals right in the mouth, with the whole world watching.

Check back next week for another edition.