Giants: Set for a See Saw Season?


The 2012 New York Giants are 2-2, and easily could have won all four, or lost 3 of the 4.  Are they set for a see saw season?  The Giants host the winless Cleveland Browns this week at 1:00 Eastern Sunday.  Then they must travel to San Francisco where they will have their toughest test of the season.  After that they host Washington, travel to Dallas for a re-match with the Cowboys, back home for Pittsburgh, then to Cincinnati, home for Green Bay, then to Washington, home for New Orleans, before finishing with the Falcons, Ravens, and Eagles.

Instead of getting off to the fast start they usually do, and then holding on and fighting for the playoffs on the final night of the season, the Giants might just play a back and forth regular season, only to find themselves in the same position on the final night.

Last year they started 6-2, then lost four in a row to get to 6-6….is that any better than starting at 2-2 and getting to 6-6 at the same point?  They were on the outside looking in most of the second half of last season, but then regained their stride to beat the Jets and the Cowboys twice on the way into the playoffs.  As I have stated many times, it’s not who you play, but when you play them, but the way the season has started, I might suggest they have a winning record before facing the triumvirate of birds in the final three weeks.