NFL Expert Picks Week 9: Part One


9-5 last week which placed me tied for fourth for the week. I am now 76-42 (.644) overall which puts me in third place behind Wickersham, 85-35, and Mortensen, 82-36. I pretty happy with that and I still think I can get to first place. Just one bad week for Wickersham and Mortensen and the three of us could be tied or first.

There are a lot of tough picks this week and I need more information about injuries and weather before I can make good choices. So for now I will only pick tonight’s game. Tomorrow I will post the remaining picks.

Chiefs at Chargers I like the Chargers here. The Chargers are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Browns. I still don’t understand how that happened but I fully believe the Chargers will bounce back strong. I’m not sure that Norv Turner knows what to do with all that talent but the players will be ready to save some face and they will execute well. The Chiefs a have a major QB problem and it won’t be resolved by 8:20 PM ET tonight.