Giants:Power Rankings Review


While the Giants certainly struggled this week…is it really time to panic?  The Giants go into the bye week at 6-4, still carrying a 1 -1/2 game lead in their division, and a pretty comfortable spot in the NFC.  Did the Giants deserve to drop a few spots given their offensive woes these past few weeks?  Yes, of course they did, but to drop them from #5 to #10 after one bad loss seems to be over-reacting especially with the bye week upon them.

Here’s how the Giants were ranked:

ESPN has them at #10, dropping them from #5.

Fox has them at #14, dropping them from #9.

CBS has them at #12 dropping them from #9.

While I would say that they were better than a top ten team before this, I would also have to say they are certainly better than more than 18 teams in this league, especially with all the injuries that occurred this weekend.

We publish our own rankings on Saturday each week…..where do you think the Giants should be ranked?