Giants: A Blue Bye Week


The Giants had this past weekend off, and they even lost that.  While the Giants were hopefully resting and preparing for the stretch run, the other teams in the NFC took advantage of their idleness.

The Cowboys (5-5): The Cowboys will actually play two games while the Giants are on their bye week, both at home.  Dallas barely held on to win a game against the Cleveland Browns in OT yesterday, and now they play their traditional home game on Thanksgiving, this year against the Washington Redskins.  The Cowboys could find themselves in first place by Sunday night in the NFC East, a turn of events no Giants fan wanted to see.

New Orleans (5-5): The rejuvenated Saints beat the Oakland Raiders, which in itself is no great feat, but it puts them squarely in the Wild Card race for the NFC.

The Packers (7-3): The Pack struggled a bit in their game vs Detroit, but eventually won, and kept themselves in position to challenge the Bears for the top spot on the NFC North. The Bears, who will be without Jay Cutler for at least their game against the 49ers tonight, will either hold off the Pack for the division title or become a Wild Card team.

Tampa Bay (6-4): The Bucs have played well of late, but beating Carolina in OT shouldn’t be cause for celebration.  They are however tied with the Giants, and therefore in the mix for a playoff position.

The league has now played ten games, and the bye weeks are over.  The Giants six remaining games are as follows:

Green Bay (7-3), Washington(4-6), New Orleans (5-5), Atlanta (9-1), Baltimore (8-2), and The Dynasty (Eagles) at 3-7.

The Cowboys remaining games: Washington, Philly, Cincy(5-5), Pittsburgh(6-4), New Orleans and Washington.

Look like the Redskins could play a big role in who becomes the champion of the NFC East.