Exclusive Interview with Two Time Super Bowl Champion Mark Bavaro


Mark Bavaro was one of the greatest tight ends in Giants history. He is a two time Super Bowl Champion with the Giants and was an absolute beast at the tight end position.  Right before kickoff on Monday night, Bavaro was happy to sit down for a few good minutes and give his insight on a few topics.

Question: I know you attended Notre Dame. How excited are you that they are in the BCS Title game this year?

Bavaro: “I’m very excited and surprised that they could be this good, this quick. As an alumni, I am very happy for them.”

Question: Was it weird to make the transition from playing for the New York Giants to playing for the Philadelphia Eagles later in your career?

Bavaro: “Well, I took the year off after the Super Bowl season of 1990. I played for the Browns before I landed in Philadelphia. So by the time I got there, the animosity was out of my system. But it was a little strange going back to Giants Stadium to play the Giants in an Eagles jersey. But, the NFL is a business and you get over that quick enough when the paycheck comes in and you realize who’s paying you.”

Question: What is your proudest moment in football?

Bavaro: “I don’t have one specific moment, but as you get older you look back and the highlight of any ones career would be winning a championship. So, I would say the Super Bowl winning seasons in 86’ and 90’, they were great years.”

Question: Do you plan to release another book in the future?

Bavaro: “I have no plans, but writing is my hobby so you never know if i’m going to write something people will want to buy. So… I’m not saying yes and I’m not saying no, we’ll see what happens.”

Question: Do you prefer the old Giants stadium or MetLife stadium?

Bavaro: “I definitely prefer the old Giants stadium. It is special to me and I miss it.”

Question: I was at Metlife stadium when the Giants unveiled their own Ring of Honor. How did it feel to be a part of that ceremony?

Bavaro: “That was special. It was an honor to go up there with all those great names. I loved it for myself, but I do think a lot more of my teammates from the 86’ and 90’ teams should have been acknowledged there as well. But… I’m sure in time those guys will get recognized.”

Question: If you could be any athlete in football this day and age, who would you choose?

Bavaro: “I’ve always liked Jason Witten, he’s been the best tight end for quite some time.  Rob Gronkowski is coming up strong though. But nowadays, there are so many great tight ends, almost every team has one and that certainly wasn’t the case years ago. Now people realize how important a tight end is to a team whether it is for receiving or blocking or both. There were not a lot of all-around tight ends when I played. As a former tight end, it is really nice to see that position gain some prominence.”

Question: What’s your prediction on tonight’s Giants game when they go up against RGIII and the Redskins?

Bavaro: “I think the Giants will win, they are a great team. RGIII is a great quarterback. He is just an outstanding athlete all around. His only flaw is that he’s young, so hopefully the Giants defense can take advantage of that and rattle him. But, if RGIII gets comfortable, they are in for a long night.”

*I would like to thank Mark Bavaro for taking his time out to give his professional insight.