GMenHQ NFL Power Rankings


As we told you last week, much would be decided. But, there is plenty things still up in the air and that’s why we love the NFL.


1. Houston (11-1):  The Texans are in and now they get to play for home field advantage.

2. New England (9-3): They have won the East, again, and now try and secure a home date.

3. Denver (9-3): They have won the West, and they too start the fight for a home playoff appearance.

4. Baltimore (9-3): Could have won their division, but fell to Pittsburgh.  Now they have Washington, NYG in the next two.

5. Indianapolis (8-4): Pretty much assured a playoff spot at this point, unless they go winless.

6. Cincinnati (7-5): They keep on rolling.  They next head to Dallas and try to end the Cowboys season.

7. Pittsburgh: (7-5): Nice win in Baltimore, now if Big Ben returns they stay alive.

8. The Jets, Miami and Buffalo all stand at 5-7 and I don’t think they will catch any of the above teams.


1. Atlanta (11-1): Won their division and now need to make sure they stay home.

2. San Francisco (8-3-1): Bad loss to St. Louis and have left themselves vulnerable to losing a bye week.

3. Green Bay (8-4): I’m sure they liked playing a team with only one pass rusher instead of four.  They are still a good team.

4. Giants (7-5): Tough game in Washington, but the D played well.  Offense needs to be more efficient.

5. Chicago (8-4): The defense is starting to show some signs of slowing, and losing to Seattle at home hurt their division title hopes.

6. Seattle: (7-5): Biggest win in recent team history.  Let’s see how they finish

7. Washington, Dallas, Tampa Bay, and Minnesota are all 6-6 with St. Louis at 5-6-1.  Dallas and Washington play each other the last game of the season, so they both can’t run the table.  That leaves the door open for the others.

Some great games coming up include Green Bay vs. Chicago, and  Dallas vs. Washington

A great finish awaits us!