Saints Players Suspensions Vacated


Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has concluded the appeal hearing concerning the bounty program in New Orleans.  He has concluded that the facts are indeed true, that a bounty program existed, but has excused the players from their suspensions.

This is the exact right thing to do.  He places the blame solely on the Organization, The Assistant Coaches, and The Head Coach.  Most of the players named and suspended have already been out of football this year due to other circumstances, and the fact that they are still known as participating in the program goes far enough in my opinion.

The real culprit here still gets his just and due punishment, and that is Gregg Williams.  Williams was suspended indefinitely, and that suspension should never be lifted.  This, of course, does not excuse the Saints poor play this season, and their self proclaimed leader Drew Brees has been culprit number one in that regard.