2013 NFL Mock Draft Week 15: The Giants Select…


If the season ended today, not only would the Giants not make the playoffs, but they would have the 23rd pick in next years NFL Draft.  Now, Roger Goodell has been accused of a lot of things this year, but i don’t think he’s about to cancel the final two weeks of the season.  The Giants have a chance to not only make the playoffs as the 6th seed, but they still have a relatively good chance to win the NFC Eastern Division Crown.

However, if they Giants do not improve their record and stay in a similar spot in the draft, who might they take?  Here is the entire FanSided NFL Mock Draft.  The Giants selection is highlighted below:

"23. New York Giants – Ezekial Ansah, Defensive End, BYUOsi Umenyiora could be gone through free agency and it’s no surprise that the Giants like to stockpile on talented defensive lineman. Ansah is a prospect that draws comparison to Jason Pierre-Paul, so it doesn’t take much to understand why the team would be excited to add a player with this kind of potential."

While this is certainly a possibility, many fans would like to see the Giants land an offensive lineman who could walk in and start at one of the tackle positions.