NFL Picks Week 16 – Parts One and Two



8-8 last week, and nothing to brag about there. Like the Giants, I will return to my winning ways this week.

Falcons @ Lions Falcons win. The 12-2 Falcons should crush the 4-10 Lions. The Falcons have clinched their division but they need another win to help secure home field advantage.

Saints @ Cowboys I like the underdog Saints. They want to win two in a row to finish the season at 8-8. Also, this is the Saints’ last opportunity to be significant this season. If they beat the Cowboys then the Cowboys will almost certainly miss the playoffs. I also don’t think the Cowboys can squeak out another win. They’ve had very close games recently and I don’t think that team can continue winning like that. I also like the Saints’ +1 turnover ratio compared the Cowboys’ -9 turnover ratio.

Titans @ Packers Packers win. The Packers are 10-4, 6-1 at home, and have won eight of their last nine games.  Tennessee is 5-9 and 2-5 on the road.

Colts @ Chiefs The Colts will win. The Colts are 9-5 and can clinch a playoff spot this week. The Chiefs are 2-12.


Bills @ Dolphins I like the Dolphins. They are 4-3 at home and the Bills are 2-5 on the road. The Bills have lost two games in a row and have lost RB Fred Jackson for the remainder of the season.

Chargers @ Jets Take the Chargers. The Jets have benched their number one and number two QBs and number three QB, a rookie, Greg McElroy will start. The Jets are missing too many key players to be able to support a rookie QB.

Redskins @ Eagles Redskins will win. They 8-6, 4-3 on the road, they are fighting for a playoff spot, and they’ve won five games in a row. The Eagles are 4-10 and 2-5 at home.

Bengals @ Steelers I like the Steelers. If  the Steelers beat the Bengals today then they are still in the running for a playoff spot. I expect the veterans on the Steelers to rise to the occasion.

Rams @ Buccaneers I like the Rams. They’ve won three of their last four, including a win against the Niners, and the Buccaneers have lost four in a row. The Buccaneers’ are 3-4 at home so there’s no home field advantage for them.

Raiders@ Panthers I like the Panthers. Carolina is coming on strong at the end of the season. They’ve now won three of the last four games. Raiders have won one of the last seven games.

Patriots @ Jaguars Take the Patriots. The Patriots are looking to secure a bye in the playoffs and home field advantage. They also are the number one offense scoring 36.1 points per game versus the Jaguars’ 15.6 points per game (31st in NFL).

Vikings @ Texans Texans win. The Vikings are a good team at 8-6 but they are 2-5 on the road. The Vikings are a one-man show. RB Adrian Peterson has helped them achieve 160.2 rushing yards per game which is fourth in the NFL. They are only gaining 168.1 passing yards per game which is 32nd in the NFL. Since running is the only thing they can do I don’t see them winning because they’ll be running straight into the Texans’ fifth ranked rushing defense which is giving up a stingy 93.2 yards per game.

Browns @ Broncos I like the Broncos. Broncos are 11-3 and 5-1 at home. Browns are 5-9 and 1-5 on the road.

Bears @ Cardinals The Bears are having a lot of problems right now but I see them pulling it together this week as they make a final push for a playoff spot.

Giants @ Ravens I like the Giants. This is an interesting game. Both teams are having late season problems. The Ravens have lost three in a row and the Giants have lost four of the last six games. The Ravens have clinched a playoff spot and the Giants must win this game and the next to get to the playoffs. The Giants will win for two reasons. First, the Giants have a history of playing very well when their backs are against the wall. Second, the Ravens already have a playoff spot and I don’t think they have much motivation to win this game.

Niners @ Seahawks I like the Seahawks. The Seahawks have won five of their last six games, they are 6-0 at home, and they are fighting for a playoff spot. The Niners have already clinched a playoff spot. Statistically these teams are very well matched but I’m giving the edge to the home team.