GMenHQ NFL Power Rankings


The AFC is set except for seeding …Remember who told you Denver was at the top first!


1. Denver Broncos (12-3): This team has figured out how to play like the old Indianapolis Colts.  Get a lead, pound the ball, and rush the passer.

2. Houston (12-3): Not the best time to disappear.  Should have shown more effort and energy playing for home field in front of your own crowd.

3. New England (11-4): Played like you figured they would against a poor Jacksonville team.  This team is not the powerhouse everyone thought they were after the Houston game.

4. Indianapolis (10-5): This team shows fight and determination every week, and they have the QB that keeps them in every game.  They now are starting to believe they can win every game.

5. Baltimore (10-5): Got a much needed boost in confidence.

6. Cincinnati (8-6):  They got the chance to win their playoff spot on the field against a division rival….and did…Nice job!


1. Atlanta (13-2): Home field will be key to this team, but still unproven in big games.

2. Green Bay (11-4): Aaron Rodgers will be the best QB in the NFC playoffs…let’s see if they can protect him against some tough defensive fronts.

3. Seattle Seahawks (10-5): This team is on a run, and will make some noise in the tournament.

4. San Francisco (10-4-1):  There something different about this team this year, and now they have lost Manningham for the season.

5. Washington Redskins (9-6): Learning to win in big spots, still not sure the offense can hold up.

The Sunday night game will again determine the winner of the NFC East this year, as predicted earlier right here.  We had the teams wrong, but knew the division title would be on the line!

Minnesota Vikings (9-6): When everyone thought they would just work to get AP some yards against a superior team in Houston, they pulled the shocker of the week.  Now must beat the Packers to get in.

Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Chicago Bears:

The Cowboys can win the East if they beat the Redskins Sunday night in Washington, but really put themselves in a bad spot by losing to New Orleans in Dallas last week.  The Giants need to beat the Eagles and hope Minnesota, Chicago, and Dallas all lose, while the Bears must win in Detroit and hope the Vikings fail.

One spot open, and it might come down to the last game of the season …Just how they planned it!