2013 NFL Mock Draft: GMenHQ First Draft

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  17.  Pittsburgh Steelers – Keenan Allen, WR/California – With so many needs to fill, an OL would also work here, but today’s NFL runs through the offense, and that’s why the Steelers will go with Allen.  After signing with the Golden Bears, Allen broke Philadelphia Eagles’ star DeSean Jackson’s freshman records for most receptions (46) and receiving yards (490) while also leading the team with five touchdown catches.

18.  Dallas Cowboys – Jesse Williams, DT/Alabama – New Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin is a big fan of big guys.  At 6’3” 320pounds, Williams certainly fits the profile.  It also help that he was coached by Nick Saban at Alabama which has most NFL scouts drooling at the opportunity to draft a winner, as well as a mauler.

19.  New York Giants –  Alec Ogletree, ILB/Georgia – NY has been known for their front seven for quite some time now, except the problem is it’s really just their front four.  Their linebacker corps has been a bunch of hand-me-downs.  Chase Blackburn is a perfect example.  I personally think after seeing what Luke Kuechly was able to do for the Panthers in leading the NFL in tackles as a rookie, the Giants go with Ogletree to have someone fill the middle for years to come.

20.  Chicago Bears – Jonathan Cooper, OG/North Carolina – The Bears will be very disappointed when Ogletree is taken just before them, well, all of the Bears except for Jay Cutler.  Cutler spent as much time running from defensemen as he did throwing last year, and they haven’t addressed the clear problem on that offense which is the line.   Cooper needs to cut down on the penalties, but is an extremely effortless mover with explosive quickness in tight quarters.

21.  Cincinnati Bengals – Manti Te’o, LB/Notre DameConsidering every time I watch the Bengals play I hear commentators talk about how BAD Ray Malaluga is on coverage, and zone, it seems kinda obvious they’ll be going LB.  Te’o has had an emotional few months, and will be getting scrutinized left and right for his ability to be mentally manipulated.  You think 3 people from Hawaii can lay it on thick?? Just wait till the offensive line starring you down starts getting into ya.

22.  St. Louis Rams (Via Redskins) – D.J. Fluker, OT/Alabama – St. Louis can’t survive in this league without keeping their quarterback healthy.  So why not grab not one, but two SEC championship offensive lineman.  If this were to happen, my guess is that the real football fans would smile, while everyone else would be screaming at their televisions.  The truth is that you can’t win games without a healthy qb, and with Brain Quick starting to come into his own late in the season, I believe the Rams use this pick to make their O-line 10 times better than it was in 2012…

23.  Minnesota Vikings – Terrance Williams, WR/Baylor – After Percy Harvin was lost for the season the Vikings had 1 weapon, and though he missed an NFL record by 8 yards after reconstructive knee surgery, AP and Christian Ponder need some help.  The best friend of a good running game, is a good passing game, and that’s what the Vikings will strive to do with Williams.  He has the size to be an impact player from his first play, and would be a starter on day one for the Vikes.

24.  Indianapolis Colts – Sam Montgomery, DE/LSU – If mind serves me correct, the Colts defense was 26th overall.  Yeesh!  That just proves to me how much Andrew Luck deserves to be ROY.  It also proves to me that they need to fix it in the offseason or draft.  Montgomery is going anywhere in drafts from 16-to the second round due to some concerns people have with his ability to dominate at the next level.  He needs a good combine to guarantee a first day selection.

25.  Seattle Seahawks – Johnathan Banks, CB/Mississippi St. – Seattle Defense was unstoppable upfront, not so much in the backfield, and though Pete Carroll would like to give Russell Wilson some more weapons, no one is left at this point that would make sense here. Florida States Xavier Rhodes is another option, as is Notre Dames Tyler Eifert. 

26.  Green Bay Packers – John Jenkins, DT/Georgia – This guy is scary big, like 6’5” 359pounds big.  I almost feel as though he is a wall with arms, really big arms I might add.  It’ll take at least two offensive linemen to cover him, which gives Clay Matthews his freedom back to attack opposing qb’s for years to come.   This will also give B.J. Raji a chance to do some more commercials instead of football related activities…..show me what you got, what you got Raji

27.  Houston Texans – Johnathan Hankins, NT/Ohio State – After watching GB grab a big body for the middle of their D-line, I have to think the Texans would be looking to do the same.  If by some miracle Terrance Williams is still on the board this will be the fastest pick on the first round to reach the commissioners hands.  The likelihood of his falling to 27 has the same chances as me winning the powerball lottery (Crossing Fingers)

28.  Denver Broncos – Zach Ertz, TE/Stanford – If Peyton Manning were to have the weaponry of Tom Brady…. See where were going here?  The only  thing missing from Denver’s offense was a legit big time tight end to grab all those 3rd and short plays Denver seems to find themselves in.  Ertz hands seem to be his greatest attribute and having a precision passer like Manning getting him the ball sounds like a match made in heaven here.

29.  New England Patriots – Tavon Austin, WR/West Virginia – Wes Welker will not be back with the Patriots because the Patriots don’t pay aging position players with multi-year deals, and that’s exactly what Welker will be asking for this off-season.  Austin has the same skill set, and loves going across the middle.  This would be a perfect fit.

30.  Atlanta Falcons – Dion Jordan, DE/Oregon – The Falcons will be stunned when both TE’s are off the board, and they’re sitting here at 30 with no game plan.  So take a former TE?? Jordan was a 5 star recruit TE coming out of high school, the switched to DE.  He has amazing hands for a pass rusher and will need to put on some weight to get some real playing time in his rookie season.

31.  Baltimore Ravens – Kevin Minter, ILB/LSU – With Ray Lewis retiring, there is an obvious need to find a tackling machine.  Minter has a lot to prove to be Lewis, but he is instinctive and physical, Minter was the most dependable player on an LSU defense chock-full of prospective NFL talent.

32.  San Francisco 49ers – Matt Elam, S/Florida – Elam is a fierce competitor.  He is also a fantastic safety.  The 49ers are going to lose some of their defense to free agency after they win a title. (Yes, I said it!)  Elam is bruising hitter with the physical striking ability that will cause receivers to think twice before floating over the middle.