Releasing Boley: A Very Giant Move


Yesterday the Giants made an early off season move that may have surprised the player himself, but made a lot of sense for the organization.  Michael Boley’s Cap Hit for next season would have been 5.65 Million dollars.  With the vast amount of decisions that lay ahead for the Giants and their GM Jerry Reese, this was a sound move.

Boley has been an impact player for the last 4 years, and a key player in their run to Super Bowl 46.  His stats for his years with the team are as follows:

He averaged 67 tackles a year with 22 assists.  He averaged one sack a year, although they were usually in big spots and usually were game changers. just ask Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo.   He also scored two TD’s on 3 fumble returns and 3 interceptions.  A very productive player.  Lat season however he missed all of training camp with an injury, while claiming in every interview that he would be ready for opening night and beyond.  Boley only missed two games in the past three seasons, but was a constant no show at practice.  I’m not sure that put him in the best light with the coaching staff.  We all know there have been times when players have missed multiple days of practice and still managed to make it to the game and participate..the names of Bradshaw, Nicks, and Burress come to mind.  Maybe Michael was pushing it a bit to take a few extra days off, who knows?

Either way it is time to recoup the money, say thanks for everything to a great leader and a big play maker, and release him early enough to send two messages.

1. We appreciate all you have done and want to give you every opportunity to find employment elsewhere.

2. Time for the young LB’s on this team to step up and make an impact similar to the one Michael has made here for the past four years.

Once a Giant, Always a Giant…