Michael Vick Staying: Good News for Giants?


The Philadelphia Eagles decided not to wait too long to make a decision on Michael Vick….They have re-structured his contract per Adam Schefter. The deal does away with Vicks previous 100 million dollar contract and is for three years, but the last two are voidable.

The Eagles with an entirely new coaching staff headed by former Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly, have decided to keep Michael Vick for at least one more season.  Kelly’s high powered offense at Oregon might not translate completely in the NFL, but parts of it certainly will, and Vick seems to fit the mold of what the Eagles might need at QB, if he can hang onto the ball. Vick has fumbled 32 times in the past three seasons, to go along with his 30 interceptions in the same time frame.  Vick has also been sacked 85 times behind a often injured and poor Offensive Line.