Giants Coach Coughlin Pens Inspirational Book: “Earn the Right to Win”


I was provided an advanced copy of Coach Coughlin’s new book “Earn the Right to Win” on sale March 5th 2013 published by Portfolio/Penguin. I read the book in two sittings over two days and I must say it was a fantastic read.  The stories told in the book will be familiar on face to most Giants fans and followers of GMenHQ, but they all provide at least one detail that was left out of the story when first told.  Tom recalls his entire coaching career and the principals which he used as the basis of his success.  This book is not only about what Tom did, or how he did it, but WHY he did it the way he did.

The best stories are about the Jets game in 2011, and insights into both Super Bowl wins.  My favorite I will share with you now.  Tom is an organization freak as we all know…He makes lists of lists he needs to make, and has the teams time and his time scheduled months if not years in advance.  When heading to training camp before the 2010 season Tom had a list of how many players he wanted at each position…He wanted 11 receivers in camp because it fit his training regimen, and he had planned for 11.  When they only had 7 on the current roster, they went out and signed 4 more, one of them being Victor Cruz.  Imagine if Tom said I need 11 or so receivers, or just bring an extra corner if we don’t have 11 receivers…but no, he wanted 11 receivers and Victor got his chance to show his stuff.

This is a motivational and inspirational book for people in all walks of life.  Tom quotes many famous athletes and coaches in the book and explains how his methods translate into “real life” outside of football.  He explains how everything he does is to help people become the best they can be, and how some fought that, before finally realizing what his goal was for them.

It’s worth the read, and will give you a great insight into the man that leads our beloved Giants…..Good job Coach!

"Preparation is easy to praise but very hard to master. No modern coach in any sport understands that bet­ter than NFL veteran Tom Coughlin. He led the New York Giants to two Super Bowl vic­tories with his system of relentless preparation and old-school resilience.                                                                 Earn the Right to Win (out March 5) reveals the philosophy of mental preparation and con­sistency in the face of adversity that has led Coughlin’s teams to victory. In the book, the Giants head coach shares his best advice and how it applies beyond the gridiron. His lessons are illustrated with previously untold stories about star players like Eli Manning, Doug Flutie and Michael Strahan. Coughlin’s direct, honest wisdom on leadership, communication and preparation is sure to help leaders in any field."