The Consistency of The New York Giants


While watching the NFL Scouting Combine this morning I was struck by the fact that Tight Ends Coach Mike Pope had been with the Giants for 22 years, and speaks to the consistency of The New York Football Giants.

While many teams “Clean house” every time they change coaches and GM’s the Giants have been different. The Giants have a team identity, they do not conform to the identity of the latest trends.  Former Head Coach Brian Billick made a statement earlier in the show about how teams shouldn’t always draft for their current needs, because if the head coach changes, then the needs might change.  Kind of short sighted, and maybe why Brian gets no interviews from current NFL GM’s.

Think about who Mike Pope has coached for…Bill Parcells, Ray Handley, Dan Reeves, Jim Fassell, and now Tom Coughlin.  Besides all being head coaches of the Giants, those guys have little in common….but Pope exemplifies what the GIANTS want in a coach for their organization.  Maybe some other teams should look for some continuity through Head Coaching changes.  Just a thought, the man has won 4 Super Bowls while coaching for the same organization…not bad.

The medical staff, security staff, the locker room staff and many other members of the organization have been a constant throughout the years, and speaks to the success of the Giants.