Joe Flacco Takes His Spot at the Top


Joe Flacco has impeccable timing, and I don’t mean on the field.  Joe played perhaps his best ball, for the best team, and did it all in a contract year.  That is how the plan is supposed to work.

Flacco’s salary-cap-friendly pact (at least in the first three years) guarantees him $52 million, a year after he turned down the Ravens’ bid to re-sign him at a lower price. Flacco is now the highest paid player in the history of the NFL.  This doesn;t make him the most valuable, or the greatest of all time, or even guarantee him a spot in the hall of fame….All it means is he is the guy who’s turn it was to get paid next, and he had a good year at the right time.

Flacco did make the statement “I’m worth what I’m worth.” Well sort of Joe…respect comes from teammates and fans and sometimes it translates into money….but only of the timing is correct