Giants Report: David Diehl Stays With Team


There has been much discussion over the fate of 10 year veteran Tackle David Diehl.  Diehl was due approx. 4.5 million and had a cap number of over 6 million.  The versatile and durable offensive lineman has certainly seen his skills diminish, but his leadership, versatility, and ability to pass on his knowledge is worth something to the New York Giants.

The details of a deal are still filtering in, and the discussion might be whether David re-structures or simply plays for less without getting more guaranteed money or extending the length of his current contract.

Either way the entirety of David’s career needs to be studied to understand his true value.  Those two Super Bowls and 80 game start streak still count for something.  Hopefully David will be a Giant for life, and bow out gracefully when the time comes.