NFL Rule Changes


The NFL changed a few rules this week, all for the better in my opinion.  Changing the tuck rule was long overdue, now when a QB gets hit and he drops the ball….it’s a fumble….period.  Not overloading one side of the line for field goals is a safety issue that needed to be implemented.  The last one is to keep running backs from using the CROWN of their helmet to attack defenders.  Not a bad rule at all, even though some disagree.

What strikes me as odd in the discussion about the running backs using the crown of their helmet to attack a defender is that the NFL Network, and ESPN continue to show clips of games where the penalty wouldn’t be called.  It’s only out in the open, not between the tackles or in close quarters.  It’s an outside one on one issue.  Also coaches have said it might be tough to teach…..and again we have to look to our friends in the NCAA for this one.  The rule already exists in High School.  We discuss it every year as a point of emphasis, and I have yet to see it be called.  If the NCAA would get on board with safety issues, instead of figuring out how to squeeze every penny out of every college athlete, then the players would come into the NFL playing the game the proper way.  Tough, hard nosed, and safe!